Persistent Gambit

What on earth am I on about?

It's funny how things work out as they do. So, my graduation ceremony was on the 9th, yet my professor elected to put out something due on the 10th. Now, call me a bit old fashioned, but fuck that guy. I'm glad to be done with it, though, because today is the 13th. Now, where was I between the 9th and now? Celebrating, mostly. Taking some time to destress, etc. I'll probably continue this trend for a couple of weeks until everything is settled. I may or may not write some articles for this project of mine throughout that.
This week's lesson: don't pull the rug out from under people who are near the finish line. It demoralizes them and makes you look like an asshole, not matter how character-building it may be.
Remember, situation and/or environment manipulation is self-control.
The only willpower you need is for the manipulation. The rest will fall into place once you establish good habits.